Contact centres: Optimise your customer contact

If your (potential) customers try to contact your organisation, you want to be ready for them, day and night. Regardless of whether they phone, send an e-mail, or post a tweet. Your contact centre must be optimally available. This not only enhances the customer experience, but also the satisfaction of your employees. With our knowledge, experience and clever products, we ensure that your company is and remains perfectly accessible via every communication channel.

Your benefits

  • Optimal processing of incoming contacts and requests
  • Maximum support for your welcome via telephone, mail, etc.
  • Measurability in real time and reporting of incoming and outgoing contacts
  • On-the-spot fine-tuning according to workload in the team
  • Thorough and accurate evaluation of quality and satisfaction
  • As a stand-alone project or fully integrated in your telecom infrastructure
  • Perfect integration with CRM for fast identification, correct routing and extra information about the customer on the display of the employee

Cooperation with A-level suppliers

Optimising your customer contact is our top priority. That’s why we only collaborate with A-level suppliers such as Avaya, Interactive Intelligence, NICE, RightNow and Voxtron. Based on your questions and wishes, we review which communication platform is the most suitable for your business environment: from a simple call forwarding system to a fully integrated and advanced multimedia platform. 


Optimal availability and service for your customers

Answering questions from customers in a consistent manner enhances the image of your company. Via our solutions for intelligent databases and optimised contact centre tools (possibly linked to your CRM package), you enable your agents to quickly provide the correct answer to customer questions. You fulfil the expectations of your customers, and in addition to 24/7 availability, this is an important step towards achieving optimal customer experience.


Routing customer contact

One in three people are annoyed by the fact that they have to be routed to several different people before they can speak to an agent who can help them. Based on the characteristics of the customer or the detection of specific words or groups of words beforehand, it is possible to route the customer directly to the agent who has the required knowledge, so that the correct answer to the question or problem can be directly given.


Multichannel strategy and availability

It is the customer who chooses the communication channel to be used to contact a company. Customer contact management is thus becoming increasingly more complex. As a company, you always have to respect the wishes of the customer and this requires the expertise of a communications specialist. Nextel understands the importance of the  relationship between organisation, processes and communication technology, and always optimally aligns these three important components.


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