Mobility: make your employees more productive

At the customers, at home, in the office, on the way... your people are working less often at a permanent work location. Mobile working enhances their efficiency and their productivity. With the solutions from Nextel, we also embed this in your company.

Your benefits

  • Maximum deployability of your employees
  • No problems with devices from different brands or types
  • Security of your corporate information
  • Access to documents and applications everywhere
  • Guidance for the change process

Access to your company data everywhere

Your sales rep feels that he can convince a customer if he is able to retrieve a specific presentation. An installer can improve his service if he has access to a specific manual. An employee sees an opportunity, but has to react immediately by mail.
Your work is performed less often behind your desk. This not a problem. Because your employees have access to crucial information and applications where and when they wish. And this can be on the go, at the customers, or in all meeting rooms on your campus.

mobility centralised management

Centralised management

Do the sales reps use different versions of pricelists? By working mobile, this is  now impossible. Centrally-stored documents guarantee that everyone always uses the correct version.
Moreover, you make it much easier to monitor your company data. Because Nextel stores all of the information on your servers. The laptop or smartphone of your employee only gives him access to information to read or display it. So, you can also control who has access to which documents.

mobility regardless of which device

Regardless of which device

Do your sales reps wish to keep their iPhone or iPad? Do they swear by a Huawei? Or do they only want to use a Samsung tablet? No problem, the Nextel Smart Connection solution interacts perfectly with every device, via a clever and secure browser application. 


mobility minimum data traffic

Minimum data traffic, all-in-one solution

Mobile connecting via Nextel Smart Connection is not only simple – it is also clever. All documents and applications always run on your own servers. Not on the devices of your employees. As a result, you guarantee minimum data traffic. In addition, Nextel also provides the connectivity via the Nextel Connect operator services.  You therefore get one dedicated contact person and one clear invoice.

mobility change management

Change management

Mobile working is often a radical change for your company and your employees. That’s why Nextel supplies more than just hardware and software. We provide advice from the start, the requisite training and guidance for the switch from conventional to mobile working. 


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