Easy and secure mobile working with no big investments

Mobile, remote and flexible working has now become an integral part of the new world of work. Even though some organisations are still somewhat sceptical about it, around 650 million employees are already mobile working, according to research and analysis firm, Forrester. That’s their global figure for 2015.

So with over half a billion people already mobile working, you’d think that all the required technology is fully under control, but unfortunately this isn’t the case. Many continue to find the system’s limits: slow connections, software that isn’t powerful enough or not designed for mobile work, excessive quantities of data going back and forth to look up files and edit online. For many organisations it’s also often too expensive and complex to adapt their IT infrastructure to this mobile way of working.

  • All mobile with no major modifications

    There are now applications on the market for easily enabling your whole company to work mobile with a minimum amount of adaptation. With Nextel Smart Connection, based on the popular Awingu application, all you have to do is install some extra software on a central server. Your employees don’t need to change anything locally on their laptop or smartphone; they log in online from any device to view their documents via a secure interface.

  • Affordable solution for everyone

    Most mobile applications are fairly expensive and require a certain amount of technical knowhow. We therefore offer two options with our Nextel Smart Connection. For organisations with only a few employees, there’s a cloud version where you pay per licence, and you don’t need an IT guru to implement it. And if you have more than twenty licences, you can choose to buy the software package and install it on your servers for as many users as you like.

  • 100% secure and up-to-date

    Users only need a username and password to gain access to documents and software, and managers decide which users have what permissions. Nextel Smart Connection ensures documents never leave the server; the application takes control of the screen but changes are sent straight to the server and saved there. So you can be sure that the documents you make available never leave your company.

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