Double network security

Any security system can be cracked, but the chances of a single intruder getting through two separate layers of protection are extremely small.

Have you set up a firewall between your local network and the internet? That's good, as it will help you to ward off a host of external attacks. Firewalls are not infallible, however, and criminals are getting more cunning all the time. Putting additional network security in place is therefore essential.

LAN security

Your own employees actually present the greatest risk when it comes to digital contamination. As they can now connect their own mobile devices to your network, it is more likely to be affected by viruses or malware. That's why Nextel only offers LAN and Wireless LAN components that are protected by additional security mechanisms. Every switch and every access point therefore benefits from an additional layer of protection.

WAN security

It's great, of course, that all your employees, wherever they may be around the globe, can log in and work on your systems. A significant number of guests also use your infrastructure, however, and this naturally makes your network much more vulnerable and more difficult to control. Nextel has the perfect solution to this problem. Our high-performance “next-generation” firewalls will guarantee that intruders are kept out. They combine traditional firewall functions with various features that are essential nowadays, including detection of applications used (e.g. YouTube), web filtering and protection against sophisticated attacks.

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