Work anywhere? That’s possible, if you want to!

We’ve got the holidays in our heads.  Because no matter how far you fly, if you’re worrying the whole time about whether everything is going smoothly at the office, you can’t relax to enjoy the lovely temples or nature reserves.

You would be better to have a laptop or smartphone with you, and check briefly in the morning and evening how things are going.  That makes that ride on the elephant’s back even more fun.


  • Prepare properly for your trip

    The last thing you need when you’re on holiday is fussing over settings and connection issues.  So ensure before you leave that you check quickly with ICT exactly what you’ll need and how you should install everything. (Investigate whether you might be better to take out a data roaming contract.)

    Our best tips:

    • Always set up an out-of-office for your mailbox.  Even if you do check your mail frequently.
    • Collect all the important documents in one centrally-accessible folder in the Cloud.
    • Download and configure your connectivity apps in advance:  Skype, Nextel Smart Connection, Dropbox, ...
    • Have your phone forward calls intelligently.  With Unified Communications you can arrange that only specific numbers can reach you.  Like that one major client.  He doesn’t even need to know you are away: if you contact him, he will only see the office number.
    • Put your status to ‘on holiday’.  This means colleagues know you are unavailable, and they will be more inclined to solve minor problems without bothering you.
  • The ultimate tip: protect your mobile number.

    Colleagues presumably know that you are on holiday and would rather not be interrupted while climbing Kilimanjaro.  But clients don’t.  And admit it: nothing is more annoying than to have to stop five kilometres from the top to explain to a client that you really can’t do anything for him this week.

    Unified Communications with mobile integration allows you to keep your mobile number permanently secret.  If you make a call, correspondents see your office landline number on their display.  And in the other direction, they get a colleague on the line during your holiday.  So you can have your mobile for private purposes, without being pestered by work.  Perfect!

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