Cheap surfing while abroad? That’s possible!

First things first: roaming (the extra cost to use a mobile network abroad) is dear.  And there wouldn’t seem to be any change happening there soon.
So anyone who doesn’t watch out can come home to a bill of hundreds of euros. And all because you checked your mail and posted that short video to Facebook.

It doesn’t have to be like that.


  • Option one: buy a local SIM card

    Why struggle when it can be simple?  Just go into the first cheap mobile shop you see and buy a local prepaid SIM card for your mobile.  Ensure you choose one with plenty of built-in data traffic so you don’t have to be worrying about your usage all the while.  And once you’re back in the country, swap the cards back again.

  • Option two: arrange alerts

    Would you rather keep your own SIM card?  Then you will receive a text as soon as you have used 50 euros worth of data.  This means you can work out what best to do: just keep surfing (because that’s possible of course), or switch off your mobile data and only go on internet if you come across a WiFi hotspot.

  • Option three: buy a cheaper roaming package

    If you do intend to surf and e-mail on holiday, then you would be better to opt for a roaming data contract.  Then you’ll pay a lot less – even with Nextel.

    Extra tip: before you leave, be sure you know how to switch off mobile data on your phone.  And download your favourite roadtrip music before you go, rather than streaming it there.