BE-Alert, platform for alerting residents

The aim of the BE-Alert project is to alert residents immediately in emergency situations, by using a simple, flexible communications platform. BE-Alert is not only a top priority for the Ministry of the Interior’s Crisis Centre; it is certainly top priority for the municipalities, the provinces and the neighbourhood information networks (BIN), too. On 20th September 2016 the BE-Alert project was awarded to Nextel, which distinguished itself with its communications solution.

In December 2014 the initial test phase of the pilot project was completed. During this phase various tests were organised by 33 participating municipalities, as well as by provincial governors. These tests formed the basis for the development of the final BE-Alert project. After a two-year pilot, the Nextel solution was selected as the best BE-Alert platform.

Nextel won over the special unit, which had been set up for the BE-Alert project, with its evolutionary and dynamic solution. This application makes it perfectly possible to alert residents affected by an emergency situation, using different means of communication, such as voice calls, text messages, social media and sirens. The BE-Alert platform will be incorporated into a number of redundant data centres. Nextel will thereby guarantee maximum availability and accessibility.

Nextel also distinguished itself through its expertise as an integrator of ICT, Operator and Security solutions. With our 320 experts we are perfectly placed to meet the demand from BE-Alert for immediate assistance to be provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week and in critical situations.



The BE-Alert project is also top priority for Nextel, because we can see the need for residents to be notified quickly in emergency situations. Obviously, a project of this nature demands huge responsibility, but with our best-in-class technology and both the expertise and availability of the Nextel team, we will keep our promises.

Joris Van Rymenant, COO Nextel

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