Diepenbeek detects vandals thanks to the SecuriQam

A few months ago, the municipality of Diepenbeek, in consultation with the local police HAZODI, purchased five movable cameras from Nextel. These SecuriQams have been deployed to combat nuisance and crime. 

"The advantage of movable cameras is that they can be deployed where and when this is necessary," states mayor Patrick Hermans. "For example, at locations where illegal dumping or vandalism takes place, the cameras can capture the perpetrators so that we can eradicate the problem." By purchasing these cameras, the municipality and the police zone jointly wish to further enhance security in Diepenbeek. We noted that the cameras already proved their worth the first time that they were used," states mayor Hermans.

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On 27th June, a group of youths committed vandalism in the Ginderoverstraat in Diepenbeek. "Based on the images from one of the movable cameras, we are now able to actively detect the perpetrators," states police chief Philip Pirard. "The cameras have thus certainly proved their worth."

Permanent poles on which the cameras can be mounted have been erected at various strategically selected locations in the municipality. All of this took place in consultation with the local police HAZODI.

The cameras not only enable vandalism, but also illegal dumping, fights, thefts and burglaries in homes or break-ins in vehicles to be more easily detected. "We hope that the cameras will primarily act as a deterrent," concludes mayor Hermans.

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