Diepenbeek helped again by Nextel SecuriQam


A few months ago, Diepenbeek local authority, in consultation with the local police HAZODI, purchased five movable cameras from Nextel.  The cameras are used to tackle problems such as vandalism, fly-tipping, fights and home burglaries.  And it works!  The police have already managed to track down a group of vandals in Ginderoverstraat and a number of fly tippers have been caught as well.


After the awareness campaign ‘Together we can keep Lutselusplein tidy’ had no effect, Diepenbeek local authority erected three cameras around Lutselusplein. The first images of an offender were already captured just ten minutes after the cameras had been installed. The pictures show how the offender dumps two rubbish bags on top of a pile of blue PMD recycling bags.

"Our people had installed one camera and were working on the second when a car stopped," reports Mayor Patrick Hermans (Puur-Diepenbeek). "The driver took two bags out of the boot of his vehicle and dumped them on a pile of PMD bags that the refuse collectors had gathered up there as usual."

The fly-tipper, not a Lutselusplein resident, can expect a stiff "GAS" administrative municipal fine.  Furthermore, he will have to pay the local authority 250 euros for clearing up his rubbish.  In the meantime, three fly-tippers have already been caught.  "They will get the same fine," says the mayor.  "Hopefully the cameras will deter other potential offenders."


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