Efficient welcome by City of Mechelen with virtual reception

Mechelen town hall and the administrative Huis van de Mechelaar civic centre welcome more than 100,000 visitors a year. Thanks to the Nextel Virtual Reception, an interactive kiosk that instantly points visitors in the right direction and puts them in contact with the right person, the welcome team now has up-to-date technology at its disposal to allow it to offer an efficient and personal welcome.

Meeting the City of Mechelen’s needs?

To supplement the personal welcome in the Huis van de Mechelaar civic centre, the City of Mechelen was on the lookout for a coordinated welcome system which would allow the welcome team to manage several entrances.

Nextel had the perfect solution for this, namely the Nextel Virtual Reception.

Thanks to this interactive digital kiosk with camera, visitors are put through to the central welcome desk and immediately to the right person. They can, after a visual check via camera if applicable, unlock the door and greet the person concerned. For optimum flexibility the system also works via PC with a videophone app or via a mobile phone. Moreover, as a result of the optimum deployment of the welcome staff, they can offer longer opening hours.

We are pleased with the result. We’re looking at the possibility of installing it in the Ondernemershuis Mechelen.

Ranja Van Asbroeck, project manager at City of Mechelen

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