Headsets for smarter working


Does this situation sound familiar? You’re busy working, juggling everything, when you get a phone call.  You clamp the handset or smartphone between your ear and shoulder and after a few hours’ working your neck feels stiff and painful. Fortunately, this situation is very easy to remedy. 

Work with a headset! The use of a headset offers two major advantages: 


  • Room to move and mobility

    Thanks to the headset you no longer need to hold your handset, leaving your hands free at all times for other tasks, and meaning you are no longer chained to your desk. You won’t have to miss a single call, and you can still send an e-mail, look for a memo, or consult a web page, while in the meantime also being able to grab a cup of coffee, pick up a fax or wander over to consult a colleague, all without having to interrupt your call. You can do it all!

  • Ergonomic and comfortable

    Apart from the practical side, a headset also provides a major benefit to your health. By using a headset, you will improve your working posture, and will no longer suffer from back, neck or muscle cramps. Thanks to its light, ergonomic design, and the various ways you can wear it, which can be adjusted to your personal preference, a headset offers optimum comfort.

By working with a headset not only will you always be available to talk to your customers, but your room and freedom to move will increase, which will make working much more efficient

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