Holiday time at your organisation? Arrange extra security!

Now that the summer holidays have started, it’s probably more peaceful in your office, on the site or the car park.
That means it’s extra important to keep an eye on the organisation and to protect it.



  • What do you need to watch out for in your organisation’s security?

    Don’t give the impression your business is unoccupied.  Make the lights come on for a few hours a day for example, and have the postbox emptied.  Store valuable documents and objects away safely in case of longer periods of absence.  Think here of laptops, projectors, tools, moveable equipment ... 

    Ensure that you always keep unauthorised persons out and that you know exactly who is present in your building.  Alter the rights in your access control system to reflect the closures and public holidays.  In this way you can watch over everyone’s security, especially as fewer people are in the office at present.

    We hardly need to convince you any more of the benefits of camera monitoring.  Cameras suppress criminality and, if something does happen, help to arrive at solutions more quickly and efficiently.  It is even possible to keep an eye on your premises while on holiday.  A simple internet connection via a smartphone, tablet or PC suffices here to review the live or recorded images.

  • What to do if something should happen? 

    You naturally do everything possible to prevent an intrusion, fire or technical alarm at your business.  So before you go away on holiday, particularly check the proper operation of the reporting system to the control room.  If something does happen, it is essential that the alarm or alert gets to the right person reliably and quickly.
    Via the various Nextel security solutions, we ensure that these messages can be verified and dealt with rapidly.

    Be sure to contact us to protect your business properly!