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Did you know that customers who phone you and are met with silence for more than 20 seconds will hang up?

Recorded greetings offer the solution. These are short messages that your customers will hear whenever your organization can't answer immediately. Perhaps your staff are at a meeting or on lunch break, or your office is closed.



  • Advantages of good recorded greetings

    Professionally recorded greetings make the time spent waiting more pleasant for your customers. A good text, appropriate background music and a professional voice ensure that your (potential) customer does not hang up right away.

    We can record customized messages for you according to your needs and wishes. This means you can set up a recorded greeting for various circumstances, and your customer is immediately informed when the line is busy or if your (sales) office is closed. You can also include brief messages to familiarize the caller with your company's products and services.  That way the listener will find it interesting to stay on the line.

  • Set up your recorded greetings now for the entire year

    Start the new year one step ahead, and make sure your customers can reach you 24/7. How to do this? Send in all your voice greetings for the entire year. You will be sure not to miss any calls and will keep on providing your customers with information.
    For the rest of the year, your mind will be at ease and your customers will always receive a professional welcome.

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