Mobile phone lost or stolen?

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Have you or a member of your staff lost your mobile phone? Or maybe it’s been stolen? Not being able to make calls is irritating, but nothing is as frustrating as having your mobile phone stolen, especially if the thief starts to make phone calls and surf the internet at your or your company’s expense.




  • What can you do?

    Step 1 - Block the SIM card as soon as possible
    Call your provider immediately to block the SIM card as soon as you notice or find out that your mobile phone has been stolen. That way, nobody can make calls or surf the internet at your or your company’s expense.

    Step 2 - Block your handset
    If you are 100% certain that your mobile phone has been stolen, then give the IMEI number of your handset to your provider to get it blocked.

    The IMEI number is a unique number that identifies the mobile phone or Smartphone. The handset can be completely blocked using this number.
    This will prevent anybody from being able to use the handset. However, the process cannot be reversed.

    Tip: Key in *#06# to bring up the IMEI number on the handset. Save it in your mailbox in case you need it in future.

  • Are you a Nextel Mobile customer?

    Then call 02 610 61 16 from within Belgium and Nextel will take immediate action!
    We are always available both during and outside office hours:

    During office hours we will assign another SIM card to your telephone number straight away. We will render the old SIM card unusable and you will be able to make calls again immediately.
    Outside office hours we will block your SIM card immediately. We will assign you a new SIM card the next working day.

    TIP: In the event of theft always inform the police, so that they can draw up an official report.

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