Nextel launches Nextel Global, an unique cloud solution

Nextel is launching Nextel Global, an innovative and extremely flexible cloud-based communication solution that actually integrates fixed and mobile telephony within a single solution. This sophisticated cloud solution allows customers to opt for a virtual infrastructure, while retaining all the functions on all the devices that they are used to with their current telecom solution. 

Nextel Global is unique on the Belgian market. It allows a smartphone or even an ordinary mobile to become an actual part of the communication solution. This means that the mobile phone also takes on all the familiar functions (traditional/UC) of a company telephone, without the need to install any additional apps. Nextel Global does not require any complex codes or actions to activate these functions.

Nextel is offering this innovative new cloud solution via its existing direct channel and will also market it via a select group of partners.


As an experienced ICT integrator and telecom operator, Nextel is a leader when it comes to developing innovative solutions. Building on our long-standing experience in the field of corporate telephony and our experience as a fixed and mobile telecom operator, Nextel is the first company to develop a cloud solution offering the same functions and operational reliability as today's familiar corporate telephony systems. Managers will save time thanks to the simplified management, while users will retain their familiar work environment. These and other advantages make our cloud solution unique.

Joris Van Rymenant, COO bij Nextel

Nextel Global allows our customers to seamlessly integrate mobile devices into their office environment. The mobile phone therefore becomes an actual extension of a customer's telephone exchange, including control of incoming and outgoing calls. This means that customers can be contacted on the device of their choice via just one number (fixed or mobile), without the need for additional apps, without extra call charges or mobile data and without any additional actions. An additional advantage is that customers have complete control over their communication solution via a user-friendly web portal. They can easily link up to three devices to a single licence and can continue to use their existing internet connection.

 Geert De Westelinck, Business Director Operator Services bij Nextel

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