Nextel is now an Awingu Premium Partner

Awingu supplies software that enables companies to give employees access to business applications simply and securely via a web browser, from any device anywhere in the world. Nextel has collaborated with Awingu to offer this solution as a cloud service, Nextel Smart Connection. NSC now offers a mobile solution for both small and large companies.

Because we're convinced that it's the very best secure mobile solution, we offer Nextel Smart Connection as a service to our clients.  We also use Nextel Smart Connection ourselves to enable our 300 employees to work on the go and from home.

The product knowledge and technical expertise that Nextel built up with Awingu's solution has now been rewarded with Awingu's highest level of certification, Premium Partner.

What does this partnership mean to you?

Our Premium Partnership with Awingu gives you:

  • Excellent technical expertise and product knowledge in after-sales installation and service
  • The choice between having an Awingu system or using our NSC cloud service
  • A mobile solution that's independent of Microsoft and works with any browser and any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone)

Curious to find out what this may mean for your business? Find out here how OCMW Berlare uses Nextel Smart Connection.

More information about Nextel Smart Connection? Take a look at the leaflet.

Interested in Nextel Smart Connection for your organisation? Contact us.

Finally real mobile working?

And without those sky-high 4G bills?

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