Nextel partner in the SLiM room

The health sector is preparing itself for a wave of changes.  Not only the care but also the technology is developing at lightning speed.  What impact will eHealth have?  What will the hospital room of the future look like?  As a hospital, Saint Lucas wishes to play a pioneering role here with the launch of the SLiM room.  SLiM stands for ‘Saint Lucas innovative Model room’.

This model room is a test bed for trying out new things: materials, techniques, equipment, solutions.  In order to arrive at creative and innovative solutions that lead to (even higher) quality care.

Nextel has been involved in this project as ICT partner right from the start.  A unique chance to highlight Nextel’s innovative solutions for the healthcare sector.

  • Fall detection via the Nextel Activity Sensor
  • Virtual push button via the Nextel Activity Sensor
  • Surf via the television with MediaLINC
  • Provide information via a Hivepass and iBeacon.

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