Nextel wins the Telecom Inspirience Awards 2015

No sector moves faster than telecom. This leads to big challenges for the players in this market. But it also leads to inspiring and creative ideas and solutions. These were the focal points of the Telecom Inspirience Awards on 5 November.  

The aim of this award ceremony is to put the best Telecom 'mobile enhancement' accessories and solutions for the SME market in the spotlight. The panel were looking for four categories of laureates who amaze the sector with their inventiveness and creativity. 

Nextel won first prize in the category "Best Telecom Solution for Independents and SMEs" for Nextel Global, its innovative telephony cloud-solution.This award confirms that with Nextel Global we have the strongest cloud solution on the market and our clients are guaranteed the innovative ICT and security solutions they have come to expect from Nextel.

So be sure to keep an eye on our website and you will soon discover the many advantages of Nextel Global.

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