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The vzw Foyers Saint-Joseph has residential care facilities in Mons, Quévy, Morlanwelz and Châtelet, providing homes to more than 400 elderly people. Around 350 staff members ensure appropriate care day and night. Because of the efficient communication resources offered by Nextel for wireless telephony, room calls and access monitoring, vzw Foyers Saint-Joseph now enjoys secure and mobile communication.


What did vzw Foyers Saint-Joseph need?

It was essential to be able to communicate more efficiently by integrating the nursing call system. In addition, vzw Foyers Saint-Joseph required access monitoring during and outside visiting hours.

Thanks to the switchboard with integration of room calls and flawless wireless cover through DECT telephony, all employees can now be reached via their mobile devices. And with an access control system for 28 physical entrances, vzw Foyers Saint-Joseph now has access monitoring that is compliant with the Walloon Region's guidelines. What's more, Nextel was able to re-use the existing cabling.

Administrative and logistical staff and nurses can be reached anywhere at any time with a wireless DECT telephone.

Christophe Hautrive, manager of ICT & technical services, Foyers Saint-Joseph

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