A professional welcome at all times, lower personnel costs

As a company you of course want your visitors to feel welcome at all times, so a professional reception is important. This is after all your first acquaintance and your company’s business card. But organising it can sometimes be a real challenge; some companies don’t have the resources for a full-time receptionist, for example, so someone else has to take care of it instead of focussing on their core tasks. The result: a chaotic reception and frustrated employees who can’t concentrate on their main job. And this chaos worsens if a receptionist is absent through illness or on holiday or maternity leave … so large companies with different reception desks and several receptionists are increasingly weighing the costs up against the benefits.

  • More efficient employees

    Virtual Reception from Nextel supports your receptionist at busy times or takes over when they’re away. It can also be used perfectly at unmanned receptions. This means you can free up time in your employees’ diaries, so they can focus on their core tasks better or do other work within the company. And you gain a colleague. Furthermore, the costs you save can be invested elsewhere in your organisation.

  • A first-class welcome (even after working hours)

    With Virtual Reception, your visitors can count on a first-class welcome at all times. They can use its touchscreen to call their contact person directly, who will then welcome them personally. If your visitor has an appointment, they simply report in using their email address, and Virtual Reception knows who to contact. Does your visitor not have an appointment? Then they can choose who to contact from a list of available employees. So everyone gets through fine straight away, even after office hours.

    You can even treat your visitor to a company presentation on the Virtual Reception screen while they wait. Or they can find out about your new products or services, discover what campaigns you are running, or get to know your company a bit better.

  • Simple and secure

    Of course, you wouldn’t let just anyone into your company. Virtual Reception is 100% secure; you can use it as an intercom system to open the door remotely. The contact person’s phone rings, and a live image of the visitor is displayed on their videophone, PC or laptop. Virtual Reception is also very easy to use. Visitors can find what they need quickly thanks to its intuitive touchscreen navigation. And it’s very simple to manage too, thanks to the user-friendly web interface through which you can make changes from your browser on any device.

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