A review of HIMSS16

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) organises a conference and exhibition every year, bringing together 40,000 health IT professionals, clinicians, managers and suppliers from all over the world.

At HIMSS16 this year the focus was on ‘How to improve levels of patient engagement?’ so that a patient can receive optimum support, throughout the entire process, from home, during their stay in hospital as well as after the period of hospitalization. In order to realize this we can see a whole range of new technologies emerge.

  • New technologies

    First of all, we see the emergence of new “wearables” which can provide a large amount of interesting information about the patient. This means that heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and even periods of motion and rest can be measured and recorded at any point. This information can then be shared with the attending physicians.  These devices use technologies such as Biometrics, Bluetooth low energy, Voice over Wifi, sensors for temperature and moisture, etc.

    In addition, solutions are available which enable Remote Care, also involving the use of this technology, supplemented by modern communication possibilities, such as video conferencing. So, patients must no longer always go to the doctor but can have a consultation from home. This is a time-saving option for all parties concerned.

  • Software solutions in a reliable, secure and scalable infrastructure

    In combination with the aforementioned hardware, there are also software solutions which help to improve the work flow between the different parties (home nursing, physician, hospital), help to limit the medical risks by providing all the necessary information, and also help to process and integrate the vast quantity of data. All these new elements will, of course, have to call on a reliable, secure and scalable infrastructure. This makes it possible to respond to the changes in the care provision and the organizations. The government expects increasingly more efficient care and all this technology can also contribute towards this.

    Of course, Nextel will follow closely these technological evolutions and innovations within the care sector but in particular we do want to analyse thoroughly the various solutions, set against what is currently available. Before implementing new technologies at the customer’s side, these are tested extensively in a test environment so that we can make any necessary changes.

  • How can your care facility prepare for the future?

    The right choice of LAN, WLAN, alarm facility and communication infrastructure can already serve as the foundation for these innovations. Later it will be possible to integrate this in combination with these new things. Nextel already has at its disposal an extensive portfolio, engineers with the right level of knowledge and services to match.

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