Roaming charges scrapped in the EU

Roaming fees are set to be completely abolished in the European Union (EU) after June 2017. After that date you will be able to call, text and surf in Belgium and the rest of the EU for the same charge. The European Commission is introducing a transitional period to ensure a smooth changeover.

  • What is roaming?

    Roaming refers to calls, text messages and data usage abroad with a mobile phone.

  • When is the transitional period?

    The transitional period will run from 30 April 2016 to 14 June 2017. The European Commission has laid down the maximum charges each operator should apply during this period. Thanks to these maximum fees, many operators, including Nextel, will be charging you less during the transitional period.

  • What will you pay after 30 April 2016?

    If you have a domestic bundle including minutes, text messages and data and you are abroad, your roaming usage will be channeled through your domestic bundle on which you will pay a roaming fee.

    If you do not have a domestic bundle with usage included or if your bundle is used up, you will be required to pay the domestic rate (pay-per-use / out-of-bundle price) with a roaming fee for your calls, text messages and data in the EU.


    Further details are available at the European Commission website.
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