SecuriQam surveillance during 104th Scheldt Prize

The Schoten police district and the local municipality are starting a pilot project to set up the SecuriQam, the mobile camera from Nextel, for important events and potential trouble spots. One of the first events will be the Scheldeprijs (Scheldt Prize), the traditional cycling race that will be held for the 104th time this year on April 6th  2016 and which is attended by thousands of supporters.

Temporary camera surveillance on public places and at events has become ever more frequent in recent years. The Schoten police district will do likewise in collaboration with the municipality. Thus the Nextel SecuriQam will be used for the first time during the Scheldt Prize, a large-scale event that attracts a great many people thanks to its accessibility (free admission). Combined with significant alcohol use, this has in the past often led to disorderly behaviour such as urinating in public, fights, public drunkenness, etc.

By setting up the SecuriQam, the police can intervene more quickly in case of disturbances and hope this way to prevent disorder. The camera will allow them to watch live and recorded images not only on a PC or laptop but also via an app on a smartphone or tablet.  Thanks to the built-in intelligent video analysis, it is also possible afterwards to find a given image very quickly and thus to identify any perpetrators.

We certainly see the need for the use of such a camera, and that is why we are launching this project. The aim is to use the security camera in unenclosed places. That means any place that is not enclosed and is freely accessible to the public during certain events such as the Scheldt Prize, the Schoten Park Happening, Globefest, and Hello! Schoten.

Els Delafaille of the Schoten police district

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