SecuriQam watches over Auderghem during Euro 2016

Auderghem's municipal administration enlisted the aid of IRISnet in early June to guarantee public safety during live broadcasts of Euro 2016 on a large screen. Whereupon IRISnet called in Nextel to install two SecuriQams (Nextel smart moveable cameras) at place Eduard Pinoy and on Auderghem's main square.

The SecuriQams were successfully established in the two public spaces. The Nextel SecuriQam enabled the Marlow (Uccle/Watermael-Boisfort/Auderghem) police district to guarantee public safety and security during the festivities. The Auderghem authorities played host to roughly 1,500 visitors per match and all of these citizens were able to enjoy the games under the watchful of the Nextel SecuriQams. 

A few days before the start of Euro 2016, the Marlow police district got in touch with us to supply some close-circuit televisions in the context of giant-screen broadcasts of the Red Devil matches. My first thought was to use a SecuriQam and thanks to Nextel's flexibility and availability we were able to deploy two SecuriQam's in time for the first match. The SecuriQams were installed at Place Pinoy and on Auderghem's main square consecutively in order to guarantee public safety during the festivities, against the background of the uncertainty prevailing in Belgium. Having passed the first round and then the last 16 without any public order disturbances, the SecuriQams are continuing to be vigilant.

Christian Banken – Video Protection Project Manager– CIRB
Datum: 28-06-2016



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