Which mobile network is the best?

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Mobile operators frequently advertise their network as being the best.  But what do they mean by ‘the best network’?

Many criteria often come within ‘best’.  Is the best network the fastest?  The one with the most coverage?  The one with the most coverage for the fastest connection?  Everything of course depends on the end-user and on what criteria he attaches the most weight to.



  • BIPT conducts study on the best network coverage

    Did you know that BIPT (the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications) developed a tool earlier this year that you can use to check the network coverage of the mobile operators in a particular place?  With this tool you can determine exactly which operators give coverage for 2G, 3G or 4G in a particular place, for an area of up to 200 square metres.

    The regulator requested the coverage details from the various operators, and then went to check them itself by travelling along particular routes with a special vehicle.

    BIPT’s figures put Proximus and BASE alternately at the top:

    - Proximus and BASE both cover the whole population with 2G.
    - Proximus has an almost complete coverage with 3G.  Slightly better than BASE.
      Mobistar still has blind spots, mainly in Wallonia.
    BASE scores highest on 4G coverage.

  • Nine indicators for a real ranking

    To make the comparison still easier, BIPT promises to have a quality barometer based on nine indicators towards summer 2016.  Other aspects will also be included in it (customer service, percentage of faults or defects etc.). Until then we must be satisfied with the certainty that Nextel Mobile, based on the BASE network, in any event scores highest in the area of 4G.  We have the other factors (price, customer service etc.) in our own hands and there too we can make the difference.

    Take a look at the coverage map on testaankoop.be
    Want to know more about the BIPT study? See the coverage map
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