Why ICT managers choose Nextel Smart Connection

ICT managers play a crucial role in every enterprise.  They protect your data, ensure that the network stays fast and secure, keep costs under control...  Alas, that means that ICT has to say ‘No’ now and again.  Such as to working at home or to BYOD.  Because that is often too involved, too dear and particularly too insecure.

ICT is right.  Unless we’re talking about Nextel Smart Connection.

Nextel Smart Connection is a secure web app that’s available via any web browser.  No complex VPN connections, no client management, no access control ... and it gives you four unique advantages:

  • 100% safe

    Nextel Smart Connection creates a secure connection between the device and the server, over which all the information is sent in the form of images.  So data and software don’t travel to the user’s device, and they can’t be distributed further.  No risk of fraud or theft.

  • Quick, simple installation

    We install Nextel Smart Connection in consultation with ICT.  And once the setup is complete, everything proceeds automatically.  Because users only need their own user name and password.  Without ICT having first to install an application and grant access rights.

  • The 4G usage stays within reason

    No department needs to be rapped on the knuckles about costs and expenditure more often than ICT.  Thanks to Nextel Smart Connection, the user’s data traffic is restricted to the absolute minimum because only images are interchanged and not files.

  • BYOD is both possible and allowed (yes, even on the latest iPad)

    Thanks to Nextel Smart Connection, every user can choose their own device from now on.  One log-in and password gives them access to all their applications and files.  And moreover they have the latest company data available.

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