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You have invested in a new Nextel solution. That's a smart decision. But this new technology will yield maximum pay-off only if everyone within your organization knows how to use all its functionalities.

That is why Nextel is happy to help you to raise your employees' knowledge further, so that they can use all the tools correctly.

  • Our training courses are of course useful not only when implementing a new solution.
  • Perhaps your staff needs a bit of a refresher?
  • Or do you perhaps have colleagues whose job description has changed? Our training courses are optimal for such cases as well.

Well-informed staff always get more satisfaction from their jobs and work even more efficiently.

Tip: Turn the participants in our courses into true ambassadors: After receiving training, have your employees transmit the knowledge themselves to others at your company. This way the information spreads easily and quickly within your organization.

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Nextel as a recognized service provider for the SME portfolio.

The SME portfolio is an electronic aid wherby you as Flemish SMEs can obtain a grant for the purchase of so-called "entrepreneurship-promoting" services from an authorised service provider.

Since Nextel is certified to provide training for the SME portfolio, that gives you the benefit of a refund (through the Flemish government) of up to 40% of the cost of the course followed!

For the conditions to be fulfilled by you as an SME, visit  http://www.kmoportefeuille.be/


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