Training for administrators

It is ultimately the end users who determine whether an implementation is being used effectively, but an important link in that process is the systems administrator. The administrator bears considerable responsibility, certainly during the start-up phase but also in the further use of the communication tools within the organization.

The expert!

Expert may be putting it strongly, but we want your administrator to acquire more knowledge about the solution within your company. This means more than acquiring knowledge using books and on-line courses: we accompany the administrator and provide as much practical knowledge as possible. What the manager is best placed to know is what precisely your company needs. We look together with him or her at what exactly might be of interest. This way we also find out what the end users certainly have to be shown, and what might be superfluous, in order to avoid information overload.

Getting to work independently!

An important task of the administrator is maintenance of the system. We try to impart as much information as possible so that your employee is not dependent on Nextel, but can also offer and integrate the solutions. We achieve this by taking as practical an approach as possible in the training provided. Your telecom system has to follow your organization when you make structural changes. Wherever necessary, your administrator thus has to be able to update your facilities. That is also addressed during this training course.

cybercrime security

Compact administrator course

The goal is to be able to perform the most commonly used programming changes independently.

Read more about the Compact administrator course.

drawing a security plan for a firewall system

Expert administrator course

The goal is to be able to perform extensive programming changes independently.

Read more abut the Expert administrator course.

centraal beheer

Reporting and Statistics administrator course

The goal is generating and interpreting valuation data and call reports.

Read more about the Reporting and Statistics administrator course.

Contact Centre administrator course

To learn the day-to-day management of the Contact Centre.

Read more about the Contact Centre administrator course.

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