Nextel the number 1 ExtremeWireless specialist in Europe

In 2015 Nextel achieved Extreme Networks Diamond Partnership status. Nextel is the only Diamond partner in Belgium. Our dedication to implementing wireless Extreme solutions and our specialisation in this area have also led to another development: for a short time now we have been able to refer to ourselves as an ExtremeWireless specialist – the first and only one in Europe!

  • What is an ExtremeWireless specialist?

    An ExtremeWireless specialist is a Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond Partner who fulfils a number of requirements, including employing various certified staff within its organisation, being able to present a portfolio of successful customer installations, etc.

  • What does this mean for our customers?

    As an ExtremeWireless specialist Nextel is demonstrating that it:

    • has the expertise to develop and maintain ExtremeWireless solutions on a tailored basis for its customers;
    • employs certified staff within its organisation in the areas of Wireless technology and ExtremeWireless solutions;
    • can present a great portfolio of satisfied customers who have an ExtremeWireless solution.

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