STAFF project successfully completed

The STAFF project was launched in September 2014 under the auspices of VIVES University College and  KU Leuven and ran for 2 years. The acronym STAFF stands for "Smart Technology as an Alternative to Physical Fixation", the initials being taken from the original Dutch version. A number of set-ups were tested in real residential care homes. Nextel took the role of the integrator in the STAFF project, ensuring that the different test set-ups worked correctly without having to be integrated into the homes' existing infrastructure. That way, the impact on these organisations' own infrastructure was limited.


  • What's the STAFF project about?

    The STAFF project aims to put the spotlight on smart technology as a possible alternative to physical fixation and is looking to obtain practical information that can help care homes and companies at the end of the process. "Fixation" means that the freedom of patients or residents of care homes is restricted, resulting in restricted freedom of movement. This is a hot topic in the care system, because being fixed in one place often does more harm than good, and is therefore only permissible if no better option is available.

  • Nextel as integrator in the STAFF project.

    Nextel decided to support this project in the role of integrator. Nine residential care centres had to test eight different "smart technologies". But how do you accomplish that in an existing environment, and as efficiently as possible? Nextel worked out a smart solution that made it possible to link all the technologies simply.

  • What did we need for that?

    A Nextel Global SIM card and a PAS (Personal Alarm System) unit.

    The different solutions were linked to the PAS system through simple switching contacts that triggered a call to the care giver's mobile device in the event of an alarm. The care giver then heard a spoken message and the number of the room where the alarm was generated. One site succeeded in triggering more than 1000 calls - proof that this solution worked optimally and that the test set-ups were being used properly.

    The right choice of alarm and communication infrastructure ensured that everything went smoothly. Nextel helped to make the STAFF project a success with its contribution as the integrator.

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