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The health and safety of its residents are the primary concerns of any residential care home. Residential care homes ensure these needs are met using new technologies: apps, wireless Internet, smart phones and more - innovations that are often introduced at the expense of security and continuity. In Nurse Companion, Nextel and Televic have combined a variety of technologies into a single robust solution for the care sector. Nursing staff now have an all-round solution that is one hundred percent reliable and user-friendly and completely satisfies their specific needs.



Many residential care homes have experimented with wifi over the past years as the base technology for all internal voice communication. This is a versatile solution which unfortunately also entails risks: smart phone models change very fast and demand additional fine tuning to guarantee sufficient voice quality on a wifi network.  "With Nurse Companion, voice calls go via the strong, failsafe DECT network. Only data traffic is carried by wifi. The nurses' NEC telephones receive both signals. That way, we solve a very real problem," says Joël Schols, Commercial Director of the care sector at Nextel.

"The DECT devices we use have an Android operating system. In addition to the installed Televic interface, any manner of mobile applications that add to the residents' safety and comfort can be used on them. Naturally, the residential care home validates which apps can actually be installed and used. In contrast to smart phones for the consumer market, our DECT devices are professional devices that can be perfectly monitored at all times.

Nextel teams up with Televic

Nurse Companion came about in collaboration with Televic, the market leader in nursing call systems for residential care homes and hospitals. Televic is naturally asked by customers to work on the basis of security and continuity. Voice and data networks demand special expertise to ensure that mobile call management combines seamlessly with the nursing call system. To address its important aim of offering its customers the maximum possible security and efficiency, Televic was seeking a partner with the required network expertise. Nextel became that partner.

There were sound reasons for the collaboration between the two parties. Their close working relationship in the completion of past projects led to an integrated solution. Schols adds: "The benefit to our customers therefore extends further than strong telecommunications and a powerful call system. By developing together we can also guarantee that all technical links in the chain are perfectly coordinated. Customers don't have to worry about correct follow-up in terms of service and maintenance: they can use Nextel's 24-hour service and proactive monitoring of their solution. That, too, is unique".

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