Nurse Companion, the all-in-one communication system for nursing staff

You want the lot in your residential care home: modern alarm call systems, smart phones for your nursing staff, mobile patient records, the Internet for residents and visitors and more. However, you're not satisfied with any old solution: you're looking for reliability and security. The guarantee that every resident can contact a nurse for prompt assistance at any time. Without risk or doubt.

That's why Nextel joined forces with Televic. We linked their best-in-class nursing call system with our unique telecom solution, to produce an infallible result.

Your benefits

  • Assurance that voice calls never get lost.
  • Flexibility to work mobile.
  • High-quality alarm call system.
  • An integrated application and hardware system.
  • One dedicated contact person with personal follow-up.

100% call answer guarantee

It is your nurses' number one priority for residents to be able to reach them anywhere at any time and to contact them immediately in urgent cases. Nurse Companion uses a stable wifi network to receive alarm calls. In addition, the nursing call system uses reliable DECT technology for voice calls. That way, we guarantee your nursing staff the best voice quality at all times and the chance to react immediately at any time when necessary.

The number one in nursing calls

With the Nurse Companion telephones and application, residents can communicate directly with your nurses anywhere in your residential care home. As a consequence, the total solution not only enhances the residents' safety and comfort, but also makes it easier for your nursing staff to perform their duties efficiently and concentrate on their essential work.

The future is mobile

Our NEC telephones have an Android operating system, which means that every new app runs on them trouble-free. Integrating calendars? Retrieving medical records? No problem. And there's even more. An increasing number of service providers are offering mobile apps. You only have to think of digital health records that are retrieved and completed using a smart phone. This integration makes our Nurse Companion particularly future-proof. Naturally, however, you as an organisation still have to validate which apps are effectively used. In contrast to smart phones for the consumer market, our DECT phones are professional devices that you can monitor perfectly at all times. That's where we make the difference.

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Our healthcare solutions

Here are some of the customers we support

For existing applications such as the electronic nursing file and medication management, we have noticed a significant improvement in terms of speed, coverage and fault tolerance.
Wolf Wauters, ICT infrastructure manager at the UZA
OCMW Harelbeke
IT and Communication are strategic objectives in our long-term plan. With Voice over-WiFi, we have refused to turn our backs on the future.
Frederik Hellyn, ICT manager, City of Harelbeke
AZ Sint-Lucas
Borgerstein vzw
Carehome of the future
CHU Brugmann
Clinique Saint-Pierre
De Pastorij
De Nieuwe Kaai
Le foyer Laekenois
OCMW Mortsel
OCMW Westerlo
UZ Leuven
Ocura Wooncentrum-Zorgcentrum
OPZ Rekem
Algemeen Ziekenhuis St. Dimpna
Alfons Smet Residenties
Sint-Jan Berchmanstehuis


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