Proactive monitoring of your network

A network failure is every company's worst nightmare. Imagine that your network infrastructure (which is already in redundancy mode) fails, resulting in all the potential problems that entails: your telephone lines go down, your production machine grinds to a halt, your customer application stops working, your website crashes, etc. These are problems that everyone wants to avoid at all times.

  • But what if we could fix these network problems before you or your customers are even aware of them?

    Nextel has a Network Operations Center (NOC) and is therefore permanently connected to its customers' networks. The NOC service engineers can therefore not only monitor their communication infrastructure in real time, they can also take a proactive look at the network management information. This gives our engineers a clear picture of the quality and trends of the infrastructure installed.

    Proactive monitoring of your network means your IT department no longer needs to worry about potential failures. They are kept informed of everything that happens on your network through simple, online reports.

  • What advantages can the NOC offer you?

    Monitoring your network primarily works to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Problems can be avoided before they have an impact on your organisation. So this service reduces risk. And how much would it cost you for your business to be out of action for an hour? What impact would it have on your customers? Thanks to the NOC the continuity of your business is guaranteed.

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Stop worrying about your network

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