Working from home. Is your organisation ready?

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular. Over five years the number of people working from home in Belgium rose by around 20 percent, according to figures from the Belgian Federal Public Service Economy (FOD Economie).

In 2015 in Belgium, out of a total of 3,723,000 employees there were 595,000 who sometimes or mainly worked from home, not counting educators. An increase of 21 percent in comparison to five years earlier.

However, from a technology perspective there is still a lot of room for improvement: slow connections, excessive data use to access files and when editing files online. Adapting your IT infrastructure to mobile working is also often an expensive and complex affair.


But all that is about to change with Nextel Smart Connection, based on the popular Awingu, which can facilitate fast, safe and mobile work for all of your staff.

What could Nextel Smart Connection mean for you?

  • Mobile working with the existing IT infrastructure

    All you need is extra software on the central server and an internet connection, and your colleagues can get straight to work.

  • Affordable for both big and small organisations

    You can opt for a solution in Nextel's private cloud with which you only pay per user. Or have Nextel Smart Connection installed on your own servers. It's all possible!

  • 100% safe and full control over your document management

    The only thing Nextel Smart Connection needs are login details, and your manager chooses which documents and applications are accessible. So the documents never leave the server..

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Real mobile working at last?

And without those sky-high 4G bills?
Try Nextel Smart Connection today.