Opt for smart training

Do you want to communicate better? You can learn how. Investing in new technology is smart, but a new technology will only give you the best return if the people within your organisation are also entirely familiar with all of its functionalities. At Nextel we are happy to help increase your employees' knowledge, so that they can use all the tools correctly.

  • Practical training

    Our telecom training courses are compact and practical. We teach in small groups and always make the courses interactive and tailored specifically to all of your staff, telephonists and managers.

  • Bespoke training courses

    Would you like a suitable telecom course for your staff? We have both user training and management training courses.

    Would you like more information? Contact us or take a look at our website.

  • Payable with the SME portfolio

    The SME portfolio is an electronic support measure that enables Flemish SMEs to obtain a grant for the purchase of “entrepreneurship-promoting” services from an authorised service provider.

    Since Nextel is certified to provide training for the SME portfolio, that gives you the benefit of a refund (through the Flemish government) of up to 40% of the cost of the course followed!

    Not sure what conditions you have to meet as an SME? Click here.
    Want to know more about our training courses? Contact us or take a look at our website.

Ready to maximize your Nextel technology?

Our training courses are compact, practical in focus and customized specifically for your needs.