A look back at the Smart City Expo World Congress

Smart City Expo World Congress

The 6th Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) was held in Barcelona on November 15-17. This congress brought together the public administrations of 600 cities from five different continents, making it one of the largest gatherings ever. The cities and municipalities that attended were shown the latest trends in the use of technology for realizing sustainable urban development. As such, Barcelona became the capital of the world for smart cities for three days.
Nextel was here with Microsoft. We will summarize the trends for you.


Which trends should you definitely remember?

The smart city projects are extremely diverse. Some are focused on security, high-speed networks, and transportation strategies, while others revolve around waste management and housing. Together, all these projects support a broader vision: a platform for a smart city. The common thread running through these projects is not only an abundance of data, but also the Internet of Things and, more specifically, sensors.

1.   An abundance of data

The first trend that is gaining increasing attention these days is an abundance of data. And this is expanding all the time. For example, cities and municipalities have access to data from:

  • Social networks: What is going on among the inhabitants? What are they discussing? 
  • Transactions: How many people are there in a particular place at a given moment? Where are they going? 
  • Countless apps: Examples include Waze, where people themselves report disruptions to a route, and Smart Citizen Kit, where citizens measure the air quality locally themselves, etc.
2.   The Internet of Things (IoT) – Sensors

A second hot topic during the congress was quite obviously the explosive growth in sensors, as part of the IoT. Sensors also collect immense amounts of data and are being used more and more these days: in parking lots, on garbage cans, and on lampposts, etc.


Turn your municipality or city into a smart city, too

As far as smart cities are concerned, every municipality or city obviously has its own individuality and priorities. Your digital transformation may currently be focused on ‘smart mobility’ or ‘smart digital communication & infrastructure’…. But without a global vision or a well-devised long-term strategy, no city will become a truly smart city. 
As a progressive company, Nextel knows only too well what the challenges of cities and municipalities are. So, include us at Nextel in your thinking process, because the solutions exist that will enable you to complete your transition to a smart city. 
If you have any questions about smart cities and you are looking for a partner to help you achieve your digital transformation, get in touch with us.  

What are the challenges within your city or municipality?

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