Telephone handsets: Modern and functional

Is the choice of your phones merely a detail? Not if you ask your employees. Every day, they experience the comfort of a modern and functional phone that works perfectly with your telephone exchange and your ICT applications. Nextel will be happy to discuss the choice of the most suitable phones for your company.

Your benefits

  • Maximum freedom of choice from reliable A-level brands
  • Wide range of telephone handsets for meeting rooms, assigned bureaus and flex desks
  • Full integration with Unified Communications
  • Advice from real experts
Internet access quality

So many users, so many devices

Just look around you. Do you want to bet that you will see a colleague who prefers to use a headset? And another colleague who always uses the speaker function while the dial tone is ringing? Of course, in a meeting room, you need telephones with a conference function. And at flex desks, you need telephones where your employees can log in so that the exchange knows where their direct calls must be routed. This is logical. And so we ensure this.


Internet access advice

Integration with Unified Communications

Do you choose Unified Communications in order to merge all of your telecommunication? Then you need telephones that can easily keep up. The new generation of fixed devices is more powerful than you think: modern design, intelligent apps, Bluetooth and USB connection. They can be perfectly integrated into your new communication procedures. 


Internet savings

Only A-level brands

We are very conservative in our choice of partners for telephone handsets. This is due to our focus on quality and reliability – crucial characteristics in relation to your telephony. That’s why we only use telephone handsets from A-level brands. Extensively tested and approved by us.


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