Fire detection: Not a second to lose

Of course, you do everything possible to prevent fire in your company. But in case it does happen, you want to be notified immediately. So you can react instantly to limit the damage. Nextel provides top quality fire detection and reliable links to quickly transfer the correct information to the correct location.

Your benefits:

  • Fast and efficient: fire detection via the most modern techniques and extremely detailed reporting
  • Integrated: the systems for fire detection can be combined with technical alarms, camera surveillance and
    access control. All detection devices are connected to each other and transfer information via your company
  • Organised: with central graphical alarm management software, you can easily and quickly see where fire rages and
    intervene accurately

Sound the alarm as you wish

Nextel links your fire detection systems to a powerful and reliable data network. This allows you
to automatically activate a siren, alert the fire brigade, send an SMS to all employees, ...

Fire detection system

Fire detection systems from A-level brands

Nextel is BOSEC certified and only uses the very best equipment for fire detection. Our sensors
operate optically or thermally, detect gas or infra-red rays, operate in potentially explosive environments...
Because every element in the chain has been clearly addressed, in the event of an alarm or fault, we immediately know
where the problem lies and what this entails, and thus also immediately where the fire

alarm company

Link to your company network

You already have your data network in place. So, why not use it for your safety systems and your
fire detection as well? By linking sensors and components to the network, your safety specialist operates all smoke detectors, lifts, smoke domes, etc., from one location.

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