Wifi for companies

Wireless is the future. Certainly now that Wifi connections are just as fast, reliable and secure as conventional wired networks. Nextel develops, builds and maintains your Wifi network in the office, shop or warehouse and ensures that it does exactly what your company needs it to do. 

Your benefits

  • High capacity and high speed
  • Powerful security
  • Suitable for data and speech 
  • Fully integrated with wired network
  • Option to rent: 'Wifi as a service' (WAAS)
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Everyone wireless: higher productivity

Wireless working increases the productivity of your people. This is logical: it makes flexible working easier. And it makes your company more professional because information from CRM, ERP and presentations is easily available everywhere. Moreover, it is easier to expand a wireless network than a wired company network: ideal for your meeting rooms, warehouses, shops, etc.

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Safety guaranteed

A wireless network seems to be less secure than a wired data network. Reception of the signal is also possible from outside your company premises. But Nextel protects your Wifi network with powerful firewalls and authentification requirements. So that your sensitive information is always protected.

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Unlimited possibilities

A powerful wireless network allows you to implement an infinite number of ingenious applications in your company. So that you can quickly and easily collate customer data, detect where people are moving in your shop, or what they are looking at in your shop window. But you can just as easily tag goods in your warehouses or trace employees. 

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Integration with telecom and security

At Nextel, we love integrations: phoning, mailing, chatting and call centre services; all of these are closely linked. Even systems for camera surveillance and protection against burglary use your wireless network. That’s why we always consider your Wifi network to be a part of your entire telecom and security, and we integrate these services to the max. 

WiFi as a service

Wifi as a service

We understand that a wireless company network is a significant investment. And we understand that you have to justify this in your budget. That’s why we anticipate your needs for various business models, such as ‘Wifi as a Service’. Then, for a fixed monthly amount, you no longer have to worry about all of the disadvantages of ownership, and you can just enjoy the benefits.

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Best-in-class service

Of course, your first priority is to ensure that your network works. Or even better: that it works well, fast and flawless. All the time. We guarantee this with our comprehensive service and our permanent management. And if something goes wrong? Then we solve this problem within the agreed period. 

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