Nextel in the Cloud: why should you invest in hardware yourself?

At Nextel, we do not regard the Cloud as a solution by itself. Our Cloud is one way of implementing our solutions differently in your company. You do not necessarily have to purchase and maintain security, wireless Internet and telephone exchanges yourself. In the Cloud, you just use them and you pay according to usage.

Your benefits

  • Limited investments: an initial investment is not necessary and we continuously take care of updates and upgrades to the infrastructure.
  • Clear budget: you know exactly what your security, telephone exchange or wireless network costs you per month and per user. Without risk.
  • Flexibility: hardware and applications in the Cloud are accessible everywhere. Also for your colleagues working from home. A solution that evolves together with the needs of your organisation.
Hosted PBX

Nextel Global, your telephone exchange in the Cloud 

Today, the telephone exchange in your building is connected to a jumble of cables. But tomorrow, you can replace this with an icon on your desktop. A ‘hosted' telephone exchange is no longer in your office but in the data centre and is available 24/7 for all of your users.


WiFi as a virtual Cloud network service

Wifi, security... as a service

Many Nextel services can be supplied remotely. Then you do not invest yourself in the infrastructure and specialised knowledge, but use them for a fixed monthly cost or per user. This is organised, flexible and risk-free.


data centre

Best-in-class data centre

Nextel collaborates with one of the most advanced data centres. This guarantees high-quality and secure hosting for all of your external services so your processes continue to run immaculately, 24/7 and are available for all of your employees.


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