Access control: No access for unauthorised persons

Your company is your sanctuary. Nobody enters unnoticed. A closed-loop access control system keeps out unauthorised persons and ensures that you know exactly who is present in your building. So you can monitor their safety.

Your benefits

  • Comprehensive: from badges for colleagues and visitor registration, to control of barriers, sliding gates, etc.
  • Modular: your system for access control expands as your company grows
  • Minimum investment: possibility to (re)use your existing network
  • Brand independent: we choose a solution according to your needs. And always use A-level brands
needs analysis

Always a needs analysis first

No security solution at Nextel is readily available in the warehouse. This is only logical: your requirements for access control depend on the nature of your buildings and sites. And of the specific risks of your company or government. This is why we first perform a thorough analysis Only after this, do we propose a solution that really makes your organisation more secure.

Unlimited possibilities

Unlimited possibilities

Do you need badges for all or some of your employees? Integrated with software for attendance management? With technical alarms? Do you want a safe system for your parking? With software and datalinks that enable the entire system to be remotely managed in real-time? At Nextel, all of this is possible

full integration

Full integration

Do you want to use a video entry phone at your front door? Then you need a link to the reception of your company. And with the telephone exchange and the data network. Of course, the quality of this network is crucial for the efficiency of your access control. That’s why Nextel installs and manages the connections itself. Then you know that the entire system works optimally.

Don’t take any risks. Request an analysis of your security challenges.

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Would you like more information? Do you have a question or observation? Then please let us know via this response form.

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