Intelligent camera surveillance: indoors and outdoors

Do you use cameras to record suspicious activities? Then it is crucial for the images from these cameras to be sent quickly and in high quality. So you can immediately intervene if necessary.

Your benefits

  • For everyone: large and small companies, multi-storey car parks, retirement homes, towns and municipalities, etc.
  • Total solution: camera surveillance with telecom expertise for sending the images
  • Flexible: expanding and reducing when you want, moving, forwarding to fixed or mobile control rooms, etc.
camera surveillance analysis

Advance analysis 

No camera surveillance plan is efficient unless it has been thoroughly analysed first. During this 
analysis, we review your security objectives, your budget and your existing infrastructure. Based on 
this, we prepare a powerful solution that enhances the safety in your company or in the streets of your 

network integration software

Integration with network infrastructure 

Forwarding camera images requires a reliable high-capacity network. It is possible 
that the installation of security cameras provides you with the opportunity to upgrade your existing company network. 
Perhaps you would like to switch to a wireless WiFi network? With Nextel as a partner, you are sure to make the right choice. 

urban surveillance

Urban surveillance from A to Z 

Monitoring streets and squares in your town is not achieved statically. Events and protests 
are not static, so your cameras must also be able to move. That’s why we developed Safespot City Surveillance: a unique combination of mobile and permanent cameras that transmit their images wirelessly in high resolution to a mobile control room. 

camerabewaking analyse

The smartest movable camera: Nextel SecuriQam 

The Nextel SecuriQam offers four key advantages. First of all, the camera is quick and easily deployed. With the Nextel SecuriQam you get the right image straight away. You can also count on automatic reporting of unusual movements and, lastly, the management software is entirely free of charge. For further details about the intelligent movable camera: Click here or check out the testimonial from the Diepenbeek municipal administration. 

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