Data security: protect your data network

Your data is much more valuable. So, it is only logical that you want to have maximum protection against intruders. However, even your own employees can access sensitive information. And, of course, you will not deter them with a firewall. Nextel therefore protects your network against internal and external threats.

Your benefits

  • Advanced authentication
  • Wide range of firewalls, antivirus, anti-spam, SSL connections, etc.
  • Customised configuration for your solution
  • Remote management
  • Scalable solutions
cyber crime security

Cyber crime is a real risk

Of course, you use confidential data in your company such as for example construction plans, procedures, methodologies, appointments with customers, personal data and pay slips. All of this information is circulating somewhere on your servers or in your Cloud. Of course, you want to prevent the wrong documents from falling into the hands of competitors or employees.

drawing up a security plan for a firewall system

External and internal attacks

Combatting external attacks is quite difficult. We use modern and powerful firewalls to protect your company from even the most persistent intruders. But preventing employees from accessing sensitive information is more difficult. For this, you need a carefully configured system of digital access control. We will be pleased to outline this for you.

centralised management

Centralised management (also remotely)

Your own specialist (or our specialist, if you prefer to outsource this task) is always in control. Via useful dashboards, incidents are reported and actions can be taken quickly. And clear procedures and manuals are written for how access can be granted to strictly secure zones on your network.

WiFi as a service virtual cloud network

Security as a service

Of course, you can also install the security for your network in the Cloud. Then we inject all of our knowledge about network security in your company and we take care of the follow-up of incidents. We can also do this remotely.

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