Smart service flats

Senior kleindochter

Smart technology is more important in service flats than in any other type of home. After all, these flats are where the most vulnerable group in our society lives: senior citizens without permanent supervision.

Technology therefore takes on part of that role. If a resident spends too long in the bathroom, for example, the alarm will go off. If an emergency call is made, then the hob and the oven will turn off automatically. If an unexpected visitor comes to the door, the videophone is immediately activated.

Thanks to an IP-based total solution, Nextel holds all the links in the whole process in its own hands. From hardware to software, and including all concrete applications.


  • Smoke detection and CO detection, with an alarm in all rooms, possibly linked to an emergency call centre.
  • Mobile emergency calls from a button on the resident's keyring or around his/her neck, with an accurate location-finder.
  • Sunshades that close themselves, lights with smart "off" switches, sockets that can be turned on and off from a tablet etc.
  • Sensors for heating and ventilation.
  • One button to turn off all devices throughout the house (and to turn the alarm on).
  • Audio in every room.
  • Movement monitoring, with automatic push notification to nursing staff or family members.
  • Integrated nursing platforms and service platforms.
  • ...

Your benefits

Strong backbone

Nextel takes care of the cabling, the telephone switchboard, and also the complete technological integration of the whole system.  So you not only have one contact for everything, but you also know for sure that every link in the whole chain interacts perfectly with all the others.

Unlimited upgradeability

The IP protocol is the global standard for data, images, voice, services and communication between smart devices. Every operator in this market uses this technology. Which means problem-free integration of every new device or application into the whole.

100% user-friendly

Senior citizens are not digital natives. That's why the whole system is designed to be especially user-friendly, with touch screens, sensors, logical buttons etc. It makes operation as easy as A, B, C. And modifications are done in no time.



Nextel equips your service flats to comply one hundred percent with the standards in place. So they're no obstacle to your official recognition. On the contrary, the extensive integrated communication and security services will help you to achieve accreditation.

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For existing applications such as the electronic nursing file and medication management, we have noticed a significant improvement in terms of speed, coverage and fault tolerance.
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IT and Communication are strategic objectives in our long-term plan. With Voice over-WiFi, we have refused to turn our backs on the future.
Frederik Hellyn, ICT manager, City of Harelbeke
OCMW Mortsel
OCMW Westerlo
UZ Leuven
Ocura Wooncentrum-Zorgcentrum
OPZ Rekem
Algemeen Ziekenhuis St. Dimpna
Alfons Smet Residenties
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AZ Sint-Blasius
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Carehome of the future
CHU Brugmann
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