Unified Communications

Mobile, chat, telephone, SMS... you can be reached in all kinds of ways, on all kinds of devices.
Unified Communications & Collaboration makes this easier. You decide how and when you can be reached and how you collaborate with your colleagues. Regardless of where you are.

Your benefits

  • Optimal customer service thanks to perfect accessibility
  • Full integration of speech, chat, video conferencing and file sharing
  • Route all communications to one telephone number, regardless of your device
  • Suitable for VoIP or conventional ISDN telephony
Nextel Unified Communications

Communicate with persons, not with devices

Nowadays, your correspondent chooses between your mobile and your fixed line. And if you do not answer, he cannot contact you. This is not customer-friendly. Unified Communications puts an end to this device-centred mentality. Your employees have one telephone number and decide themselves which phone they can be reached on.


Unified Communications presence management

Presence management enhances productivity and professionalism

All of your employees will shortly indicate whether they can be reached, are in a meeting, or are on holiday. Then colleagues know exactly whether they can be forwarded to a contact person or not. Moreover, this way you force your people to make arrangements and provide a correct follow-up during their absence: forwarding calls to a specific colleague or to a voicemail. In fact, this information is also displayed to your customers. You thus enhance your professional availability. 


Unified Communications Outlook integration

Integration with Outlook

All Unified Communications solutions work perfectly with Outlook and your other applications. This means that, for an incoming call, you immediately see detailed data about your correspondent on your display. Or that, for example, arrangements in your agenda automatically change your status and activate your voicemail.


Unified Communications guidance

Guidance from an experienced guide

The choice to switch to Unified Communications depends on the way in which you communicate and the way in which your business processes work. And the introduction of smartphones, tablets and social media have a major impact on this. Nextel will be happy to guide you through this evolution. Not only from a technical, but also from a change management perspective. With training courses, coaching and guidance on the work floor. So that your employees quickly embrace the new system and your company derives maximum benefit from this.


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