Lifecycle services: measurable added value guaranteed

We promise you measurable added value with our solutions. However, the practical implementation is just as important as the solution itself. You only achieve results when this takes place perfectly and quickly. That’s why we place your project in the hands of a project manager who constantly anticipates your needs. Together, you follow a path that demonstrates his effectiveness to our customers on a daily basis.

The Nextel Life cycle Services

  • Analysis – We evaluate your real needs and review your existing infrastructure and applications. Are you paying any unnecessary costs? Are you achieving sufficient return from your solution? Are there new and better ways of supporting your business processes? This is where our expertise comes into play.
  • Design – Our experts compile a solution that does what you really need. They collaborate closely with your own experts and teams. We therefore take a close look at your existing solution and your objectives. So that we obtain maximum return from a minimal investment.
  • Implementation – Between plan and acceptance, we have deliveries, installations, tests, fine-tuning and training courses. All of which must take place within a tight deadline. We make a point of meeting our commitments and guarantee you a solution within the prescribed period.
  • Maintenance  Your solution must continue to work optimally. For this, you can rely on our 160 engineers and our central warehouse with a large stock of spare parts and devices.
  • Optimisation – Maintenance is good, optimisation is better. That’s why we regularly jointly review how we can fine-tune in order to respond to new challenges in your organisation. So that you have a head start.
Nextel dedicated contact person

Service via a dedicated contact person

Installation completed? This is when the work begins. Your project manager hands over your project to your customer coordinator. From now on, he is your dedicated contact person who has expert knowledge about your specific installation, and direct assistance from a technical specialist. He also knows your entire file inside out. Regardless of which question you ask – you are immediately routed to the right person. Of course, you can also be subsequently routed to other persons. Nextel also offers you a wide range of ‘Managed Services’, from back-up and management to reporting and e-service.
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Quality measurement

We do not only measure the added value of the solutions. We also measure your satisfaction. For every intervention, you may reward us by assigning a gold, silver or bronze card to us. Twice a year, we conduct a detailed general satisfaction survey amongst our customers. Did we score well? Then you are satisfied, and so are we. Did we score less well? Then we discuss your project in detail internally and we immediately create an improvement process. We even link these results to individual performance monitoring and to our bonus policy.

Flexible business models

We understand that a new telecom installation and security solutions can radically affect your budget now and in the forthcoming years. And we also understand that you justify these costs in your own way within your company. That’s why we like to be flexible in relation to your reality and discuss purchasing, renting, 'as a service’ solutions and other ways of perfectly integrate your project financially into your company with you.

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