Virtual Reception: reduced personnel costs and a professional welcome at all times

When your company receives visitors, you want to give them a warm and professional welcome. This is after all your first acquaintance with them and your company’s business card. Our Virtual Reception guarantees a first-class welcome at all times with no need to make an employee available, even after working hours. Visitors use the touchscreen to call their contact directly, who then welcomes them personally. Simple, professional and efficient.

Your benefits

  • Increased efficiency for your reception personnel
  • A first-class welcome at all times (even after working hours)
  • Easy to use with intuitive touchscreen navigation
  • Easy to manage thanks to user-friendly web interface
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Top quality 

With Virtual Reception you have a solution that satisfies the highest quality standards: a robust pedestal that operates perfectly 24 hour a day, with a high-quality and modern touchscreen, so you make a very professional impression on your customers straight away. 

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Your visitor in picture 

Your visitor calls their contact person directly via Virtual Reception by tapping on the touchscreen. The contact’s phone rings and an image of the visitor appears on screen. Still no video phones in your company? No problem: you can also see who’s at the door via the web interface on your PC or laptop. 


Present your company 

You can treat your visitors to a company presentation on the Virtual Reception screen while they wait, showing off new products or services, highlighting a special offer, or playing a promotional film. 

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Link to automatic door 

Want to automate your reception even more? You can! Turn your Virtual Reception into an intercom system that opens your door remotely. This is particularly useful for example if you want to let contractors into a building when no staff are present. 

Want to know more about Virtual Reception ?

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